Passenger transport legislation


National legislation on carriage of passengers

roheline_tapp Public Transport Act (est)
roheline_tapp Rules on Carriage of Passengers (est)
  • Extract from the Rules on Carriage of Passengers (eng)
roheline_tapp Traffic Act (consolidated text 1 September 2013)
  • Estonian Road Administration (ERA) homepage about the changes enforced by the new Act

Development plans

roheline_tapp Tallinn public transport development plan 2011-2020, draft (est)
roheline_tapp Development plan for the Tallinn common ticket system, service level standards, investments and funding program 2004-2010
   • Explanatory memorandum on the development plan
roheline_tapp Tallinn traffic development trends 2005-2014 (est)
roheline_tapp Tallinn road traffic safety development programme 2008-2014  (est)
Introductive presentation of the safety program

roheline_tapp Transport development plan 2014-2020 adopted in Riigikogu 19.02.2014
roheline_tapp National transport development plan 2006-2013 (adopted in Riigikogu on 24.01.2007)
  •  Financial plan for transport investments 2007-2013
  •  National public transport development programme 2006-2010


Regulation of the European Parliament on public passenger transport services and supporting documents

roheline_tapp Regulation (EC) No 1370/2007 of the European Parliament and Council of 23 October 2007 on public passenger transport services by rail and by road
White Paper: Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system Comission of the European Communities, 28.03.2011 
roheline_tapp White Paper on European transport policy for 2010: time to decide  Comission of the European Communities,12.9.2001 
roheline_tapp Green Paper on Urban Transport "Towards a new culture for urban Mobility". Comission of the European Communities, 25.09.2007
roheline_tapp Public transport in the international context:  UITP Public Transport Conference "Financial sustainability of public transport and the European White Paper: Goals. Measures and resources." Tallinn, 30 May 2012




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