About Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS


Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is a public transportation company owned by the city. A result of the concentration of two companies with extensive passenger transport experience, Tallinn Bus Company and Tallinn Tram and Trolleybus Company, Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts, now a major company, started its operations under the new name on 18 July 2012.

The main activity of Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is providing bus, tram and trolleybus services, on the basis of a contract with the Tallinn Transport Department, on the bus, tram and trolleybus routes belonging to Tallinn’s common ticket system. Presently, TLT is servicing 60 bus routes, 4 trolleybus routes and 4 tram routes in Tallinn, which make up the major part of the whole volume of Tallinn’s public transportation service.

TLT’s long-term experience in the field of transportation is based on many decades of work.Tram traffic started in Tallinn in 1888, when the first horse-drawn railway line was opened. The horse omnibus traffic, which had started to develop already since the 1860s, was in the beginning of the 20th century gradually replaced by omnibuses and in 1922 Fromhold Kangro launched a scheduled bus traffic covering all areas in the city. Trolleybus traffic was opened in Tallinn in 1965.

Since 1993, the company is member of the International Public Transport Association UITP, as TLT’s predecessor, Tallinn Bus Company, joined the global organisation. Since 1999, the company has been participating as an observer at the UITP European Union Committee, and since 2004, the company is a full member of the Committee. This is an independent committee in the framework of the worldwide public transport organisation UITP, with the purpose of representing the interests of public transportation carriers of the European Union.


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